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Wellington Management Company reports 3.1% holding in KAS BANK

Wellington Management Company, LLP has reported a 3.14% holding in KAS BANK to the Dutch market supervisor AFM d.d. 29 August 2013. Recently, holdings of 3% (before 5%) or more must always be reported to the AFM.

05 Sep 2013

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Wellington Management Company is one of the largest independent asset managers in the world with approx. USD 775 bn Assets under Management. They advise more than 2100 institutional investors in more than 50 countries. Wellington is a private partnership located in Boston, USA.

The following institutions have given notification of holdings of 3% or more in KAS BANK pursuant to the Financial Supervision Act and the Decree on Disclosure of Control and Major Holdings in Listed Companies.

Detla Lloyd 8.9%
APG Algemene Pensioen Groep N.V. 8.8%
ING Groep N.V. 7.9%
All Capital Holding 5.3%
Jan Plas S.A. (Conservatrix) 5.0%
KAS BANK N.V. 5.1%
Wellington Management Company, LLP 3.1%

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