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KAS Lab developes creative ideas into innovative solutions

Today we have opened our innovation hub KAS Lab. KAS Lab is a meeting place where new ideas get the space to be explored. Internal and external innovators work together to get a great idea into an innovative solution.

13 Nov 2017

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"The creation of KAS Lab is part of our strategic priorities and enables us to better respond to current changes in the financial sector. New technologies dramatically increase the speed at which changes occur and the speed with which we accept these changes. By setting up a separate 'innovation hub', we accelerate the innovation process and we can shorten the time-to-market of innovative ideas, "says Sikko van Katwijk, Chairman of the Managing Board.

KAS Lab works closely with the innovators of Aimforthemoon, a start-up that drives and guides innovation. Due to the agile approach in multidisciplinary teams, where clients and other partners participate, we are able to gain faster results. "We are convinced that this cooperation will provide good and innovative ideas and initiatives for KAS BANK," says Niek Karsmakers of Aimforthemoon. "Because there is room for experiments, we can think and do beyond the boundaries, a basic condition for successful innovation."

First idea: Index Tracking
At this point, the first idea - Index Tracking - is further elaborated. Institutional and private investors increasingly show interest in Index Tracking. This enables our clients to follow an index on a customised and profitable basis. This transforms important clients into an innovative product. In one week time, a prototype was built and tested by multiple clients. The first reactions were positive, so KAS Lab will continue to test and improve this prototype in the coming months. When the results from this test phase are again positive, the product will be launched.

In the coming period, several ideas will be addressed, including the development of new services based on blockchain technology. In addition to innovative ideas for innovative solutions, we look at the opportunities to create new business models.

Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead KAS Lab

Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead KAS Lab

Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead of KAS Lab: "KAS Lab offers many opportunities to research and develop all kinds of ideas. Through the close cooperation of internal specialists and external innovators and clients, an innovative solution can be quickly elaborated and the success rate is increased. For example, KAS Lab will eventually benefit all parties in the market."

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Otto Hulst

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