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KAS Lab and KAS BANK open trading day

This morning our innovators of KAS Lab and KAS BANK opened the trading day at the Euronext Amsterdam Exchange. Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead KAS Lab, had the honour to perform the well-known gong stroke with a firm backhand.

30 Jul 2018

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Innovative Blockchain propositions

Innovative Blockchain propositions

KAS Lab was invited by Euronext Amsterdam after successful pilots with two innovative Blockchain propositions. With two innovative propositions, KAS BANK demonstrates that Blockchain technology enables to make complex processes in the financial industry more efficient. The bank is convinced that this will increase confidence and make the financial sector more effective, faster and transparent.

The Lab has successfully tested a Blockchain product for voting (Voteroom) at annual shareholder meetings (AGM’s). In addition, KAS Lab is preparing the market launch of the second Blockchain initiative, Tokenised Asset Offering for unlisted funds (Tokas).

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Otto Hulst

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Otto Hulst

Innovation Lead KAS Lab
+31 (0)20 - 557 2537