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NHG selects Robeco, a.s.r. asset management and KAS BANK

As of 1 June 2018, NHG (The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme) will outsource its asset management activities to a.s.r. asset management and Robeco, whilst NHG shifts its investment strategy from an advisory role to a management role with institutional asset managers. In the wake of this transition, KAS BANK has been selected as the custodian and will carry out the investment administration.

31 May 2018

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NHG shifts its investment strategy  from advice to sustainable asset management

NHG shifts its investment strategy from advice to sustainable asset management

NHG (The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme) is primarily specialised in investments in bonds of first-class debtors. As a result of this strategic transition, both a.s.r and Robeco will now jointly manage an NHG’s investment portfolio of approximately EUR 1 billion. The investment policy remains focused on maintaining solvency and excellent risk management.As an additional feature sustainability has been incorporated into the investment guidelines of this portfolio via the  the cross referencing  of  ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria. The newly appointed asset managers will continue to take ESG criteria into account in the management of NHG's investment portfolios.

Sikko van Katwijk, chairman of the KAS BANK Executive Board, is delighted with the cooperation: "KAS BANK has been standing for stable custody of securities for more than 200 years. With the consolidated investment reports, we provide NHG with independent portfolio control and strengthen their governance". 

"Outsourcing asset management to these two institutional specialists gives our portfolio the best possible attention", explains Arjen Gielen, Managing Director of NHG, who selected the new suppliers. "In this way, we can respond to future interest rate scenarios and developments in the housing market that will keep our fund solvent, good for an affordable premium to the client and guaranteeing a buffer in bad times".

"Our long-term horizon and sustainable investment go hand in hand," says Jack Julicher, CEO of a.s.r. asset management. "We take our social responsibility by investing in accordance with strict ethical and sustainability criteria in our investment policy. Thanks to our experience with integral balance management, we can serve NHG optimally. We are proud and happy that NHG gives us this confidence.”

Victor Verberk, co-head credit team and member of the Robeco Executive Committee: "Robeco is a leading player in fixed-income markets with a stable and experienced team of more than 40 investment professionals and assets under management in fixed-income markets of more than EUR 40 billion, including approximately EUR 8 billion in buy & maintain strategies. Moreover, sustainable investment is something we saw potential for as early as the 1990s. We are very pleased to combine these two core competencies of Robeco and look forward to a good collaboration.”

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