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Opening of the trading day, our 212th year anniversary

Last Saturday KAS BANK celebrated its 212th anniversary. Today we have added lustre to this happy event with the traditional gong ceremony at the opening of the trading day on Euronext Amsterdam. What is the secret of our eternal youth? Continuously renew yourself and adapt to the market.

12 Mar 2018

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Today's bank is of course a completely different bank from our founding father Associatie Cassa in 1806. Back then, we were the first and only financial institution in the Netherlands and Europe to grant credit exclusively on the basis of securities as collateral. A major innovation at a time when the financial sector was experiencing difficult times.

Of course, much has changed in 212 years. We have developed ourselves from a pure custodian to an independent partner who cares for its clients in the best possible way. From flawless administering securities to setting up the client's governance and risk management function and transparent reports that fully inform managers and trustees 24/7. Robotization of tasks goes together with the' agile' development of new services and products in our innovation hub KAS Lab

But after 212 years our main characteristics are still the same; innovation, minimising risks for both our clients and the Bank and always putting the interests of our clients at the centre of everything we do. That is why we dare to say that we are the oldest start-up of the Netherlands.

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