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Client satisfaction increased, quality of service further improved

Every year we ask our clients for their opinion about our services, through our Client Service Review. The review provides important insights into our clients’ experiences and their feedback identifies areas of additional improvement in our services. Based on the feedback we collect from our clients, we develop an annual improvement plan. In other words, we don’t just ask our clients for their feedback, we use that feedback to improve our services.

31 Jan 2019

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Client satisfaction increased in 2018

Last year, more than 140 clients participated in our Client Service Review. Overall client satisfaction rose to 7.4 in 2018, an increase of 0.2 compared to 2017. Client satisfaction increased in all three home markets of the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. This was mainly due to an improvement in the quality and timeliness of our services. For example, the Performance reporting and Compliance Monitoring improved, and numerous clients have expressed their appreciation for these improvements.

Client Happiness Plan for service improvements

We believe in continuously improving the quality of our services. We use the client feedback to draw up various improvement initiatives within the organisation. Based on the feedback we received in 2017, we initiated a Client Happiness Plan for 2018 and have realised multiple improvements.

Realised improvements in 2018

  1. The compliance monitoring process has been refined. All investment guidelines are outlined more quickly and efficiently in our systems through a closer collaboration with our clients. The new investment guidelines have been available since the January 2nd of this year.
  2. The Performance Report has undergone several improvements. We adjusted the Flow of Funds table, and the risk figures are now shown in comparison to the "obligations benchmark". Additionally, the layout has been improved and a bookmark has been added to explain graphs and figures, amongst other changes.
  3. The telephone accessibility of our service experts has been improved. A telephone menu is no longer applicable. Service managers can now be called directly on individual phone numbers.
  4. The Corporate Actions module has been modified and bulk uploads can now also be entered.
  5. Our KAS-Web application, for viewing positions and entering instructions, is currently being modernised. A report generator has been added, allowing clients to customise reports and receive them in their mailbox at selected times. We are also improving the design. The new application will be available soon.

Invitation Client Service Review 2019

This year, we will continue to work on increasing our client satisfaction. Client feedback is and remains welcomed, as it continues to encourage and inspire us to improve our services. We therefore invite all our clients to participate again in this year’s Client Service Review.

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