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DNB shares new prudential framework for investment firms

On 2 July 2020, DNB published a newsletter on the new prudential framework for investment firms, that will enter into force on 26 June next year. The new framework includes the capital requirements for investment firms.

21 Sep 2020

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Within DNB, the implementation of the IFR and IFD is structured on a project basis to ensure that all relevant knowledge and expertise within DNB is properly involved. In addition, project-based management provides a clear point of contact for questions about the new regulations. Because the new prudential framework for investment firms entails a substantial change in the applicable rules, it is important for DNB to involve the sector as much as possible in the implementation and choices to be made. In that context, DNB has close contact with the various industry associations and DNB will share as much information with the sector as possible up to June 26, 2021.

DNB reminds that on June 4, EBA published the first draft technical standards under the IFR / IFD for consultation on its website. These draft standards specify, among other things, the IFR / IFD requirements regarding capital, reporting and remuneration policy.

At the same time, EBA started a data collection, for the purpose of an impact analysis and the finalization of these standards. Participation in the data request is not mandatory for investment firms.
Nevertheless, DNB calls on investment firms to participate wherever possible, so that the impact on Dutch investment firms is sufficiently included in the analysis at European level.
DNB also expects that this exercise will provide the institutions with useful insights into the effects that IFR / IFD will have.

DNB shares new prudential framework for investment firms

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