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Transfer of ordinary shares under KAS BANK's regular incentive plan

KAS BANK announces that it has transferred a total number of 5,571 Ordinary Shares held in treasury to identified staff of KAS BANK under KAS BANK's regular incentive plan and to former identified staff members who have deferred rights under the incentive plan, in compliance with the relevant statutory provisions.

04 apr 2019

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The identified staff of KAS BANK includes the managing board members and the members of staff whose professional activities could have a material impact on the risk profile of KAS BANK.

Following the announcement on 25 February 2019 that conditional agreement was reached between KAS BANK and CACEIS on a recommended public offer in cash to be made by CACEIS for all Securities of KAS BANK, all transactions by KAS BANK involving the Securities have to be disclosed pursuant to Section 5 Paragraph 4 of the Decree.

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Remko Dieker

Remko Dieker

Secretaris van de Raad van Bestuur / Investor Relations
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