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In line with KAS BANK's forward-looking agenda, in November 2017 we founded our innovation hub KAS Lab. The KAS Lab team works to develop new solutions for our clients leveraging the latest technologies.

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At KAS BANK, we have been reinventing ourselves ever since our founding in 1806. And we aspire to keep on doing so. New and fast technological developments make way for many new opportunities. These developments will provide new technological revolutions. To ensure that we timely respond to new opportunities and develop new products that work for the benefit of our clients, we use an entirely different approach. KAS Lab has been established to achieve this.

"At KAS Lab, idea’s come to life. This way KAS Lab enables our transition into a high-tech, client-driven bank.‘’

Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead KAS BANK

Our Mission

 It is our mission to enable the transition from being a traditional custodian bank to a high-tech client-driven organisation that is ready for the future.

Our most important task is to shape the innovation agenda and make sure that valid ideas are implemented. Multiple multidisciplinary teams are working on different projects.

Lean & Agile

#1 Scan phase

Our Innovation Teams follow the Lean Start-up and Agile principles. These teams are guided by experienced coaches during the zero-to-one trajectory which consists of three steps: scanning, sprinting and building.

# 2 Sprint phase

In the Sprint phase we focus on validating the solution and finding the problem-solution fit. Multiple Minimum Viable Products (MVP) are therefore iterated in order to validate the riskiest assumptions of product concepts.

#3 Building phase

During the Building phase we valuate the business model. An approved Minimum Viable Product will be extended into a first version of a product. Then further research must ensure that ideas are measurable and doable.

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