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Raise pension funds up the agenda says KAS BANK Managing Director

KAS BANK puts innovation and client service first, as it commits to the UK pensions market with a new five-year strategy.

14 Jan 2016

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We have appointed Pat Sharman, formerly our Director of Pensions UK, as Managing Director, as we approve a five-year strategy for delivering superior innovation and service to the UK pensions market.

“We’re uniquely positioned to give UK pension schemes the specialist and expert services they need to meet the challenges of the coming years,” says Sikko van Katwijk, Chairman of KAS BANK’s Managing Board. “We are a pure custodian, free from conflict of interest – something no competitor can claim. We are also dedicated to being a specialist custodian to UK pension funds, meaning we can offer a level of service that’s unique in this market.”

We are the leading provider of Custody and Fund Administration to institutional investors in the Netherlands. We have been operating in the UK since 1987, until now focusing mainly on financial institutions. While it will continue to provide the highest level of service to existing banker and broker clients, this five-year strategy means the bank will respond to the changing pensions landscape with new market-leading pensions services. The strategy commits to delivering the following:

– Innovative products including Cost Transparency, EMIR solutions and ESG Screening
– Market leading interactive online tools, including the Pension Monitor
– A dedicated and expert Pension Fund relationship management team focused on market leading client service

Pat Sharman will be leading the UK team as Managing Director, UK Branch in the implementation of this strategy over the coming years: “Pension schemes have not traditionally been a central focus of custodian banks’ strategies. We are approaching it differently. We are putting pension funds and their advisers first, with a hands-on personal approach that will be refreshing for the industry. We think clients deserve a higher level of service and that’s what this strategy and this team will deliver.”

"We are putting pension funds and their advisers first."

Pat Sherman

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Pat Sharman

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Pat Sharman

Managing Director - UK Branch
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