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KAS BANK further supports Trustees with UK cost transparency

At the PLSA Annual Conference, KAS BANK launches new cost transparency video and PLSA Made Simple Guide, demonstrating its commitment to supporting trustees on effective pensions governance in the UK.

22 Oct 2018

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Cost transparency has become an increasingly important part of good governance and value for money assessments in the pensions industry. There is an onus on UK schemes to report on costs, and we believe it is important to support trustees and pension executives, so that they can effectively demonstrate good governance and report on value for money.

At KAS BANK we are committed to educating trustees on cost transparency, so that they can confidently investigate their scheme’s costs in more detail, beginning their own cost transparency journey. We have sponsored the PLSA Made Simple Guide which details what it is, and what trustees need to know. We have also developed a 2-minute video which describes cost transparency, and our Cost Transparency & Benchmarking dashboard, which can help pension schemes truly uncover their Total Cost of Ownership.

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Have a look at our cost transparency video

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