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KAS BANK Sponsor PLSA Cost Transparency Roundtable

Pat Sharman (Managing Director of KAS BANK UK), along with James Parish (Business Development Manager) and Scott Foster (Product Specialist), feature in the second edition of this year’s PLSA viewpoint magazine.

08 Jun 2018

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Cost transparency is one of the hottest topics being discussed in the UK pensions industry right now, with growing regulatory pressure for greater cost disclosure. In May, the PLSA hosted a roundtable discussing the current cost transparency landscape for UK Pension Schemes. Sponsored by KAS BANK, the roundtable featured  some high-profile pension professionals including  Richard Jones of the Railways Pension scheme, Naomi Clark of USS Investment Management and Edward Levy, Independent Trustee, Law Debenture.  A wide range of issues and challenges surrounding cost reporting for pension schemes were discussed such as the lack of transparency currently, the role of the regulator, benefits of greater transparency and the need for greater governance.

Click here to read the full roundtable discussion (pages 28-33). 


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