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CACEIS Partners with PLSA To Provide Data and Custody Governance Education

Series includes seminars, webinars, blogs and training materials available free to PLSA members

23 Apr 2020

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CACEIS, the governance partner of choice for UK Pension Schemes, has become the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s (PLSA) education partner for Data (Cost Transparency and ESG) and Custody governance.  

CACEIS, who launched the UK’s first Pensions Transparency Dashboard back in 2017 has found that investment costs are generally 3x higher than trustee estimates, while a scheme’s management costs can account for as much as 25% of the total cost of managing a pension fund. By partnering with the PLSA to offer free training on the important topic of governance, incorporating ESG/ Cost Transparency data and Custody, CACEIS can focus on helping trustees have better visibility and governance of their pension schemes. 

The decision to partner with the PLSA, for the second year running, supports our mission of delivering the right framework and tools for strong governance, helping trustees make effective decisions that drive value for money for their members. Our education programme this year will focus on data and custody governance – for data we’ll take a deeper look at emerging trends in ESG and Cost Transparency and for custody we will explore the important role custodians can play for pension funds.

Pat Sharman, UK Managing Director, CACEIS

The PLSA is delighted to be working with CACEIS as our educational partner for the second year running. Free to members, CACEIS will share their expertise on governance, with a focus on ESG, cost transparency and custody. With the unprecedented uncertainty we face today, understanding what schemes are invested in, and whether schemes are providing value for money is critical, and I know our members will get invaluable guidance in these sessions.

Julian Mund, Chief Executive, PLSA

CACEIS will be providing a programme of seminars, webinars, blogs and training materials focused on data and custody.


The latest on ESG – What are the different components to ESG, what do current market practices look like and guidance? The programme will explore ways in which pensions schemes might best monitor the implementation of their ESG policies.

Cost Transparency – How do trustees and pension executives make informed decisions about value for money, using cost transparency analysis and data, potentially improving member outcomes.

Custody - We’ll be looking at how a modern-day custodian should be partnering with pension schemes. We’ll provide insight into key considerations when appointing a custodian as well as the range of governance services trustees and pension executives can expect from their custodian.

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Pat Sharman

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Pat Sharman

Managing Director - UK Branch
+44 207 153 3660