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Frequently asked questions about our services at the time of the Coronavirus crisis

During this current environment, we are speaking with many clients about our high level of preparedness. We thought it would be useful to provide a summary of the most frequently asked questions, which you can find below.

24 Mar 2020

Q: How are we maintaining service delivery during this period?

  • Following recent government announcements, 90% of all employees at CACEIS in the Netherlands will be working from home. In the UK, all our employees are working from home. In the Netherlands, a small group will be manning the business-critical processes at our offices.
  • Leading up to this, we have successfully tested our technology infrastructure for complete home working so we can continue to provide high standards of service and governance to our clients without interruption. Our IT infrastructure is monitored and tested on a daily basis. 
  • The availability and deployment of staff on all business-critical processes is monitored and assessed daily by the crisis team. If employees should fail, replacements with the right expertise and experience will be deployed. 

Q: Are critical processes at risk

  • We have done everything we can to ensure that business operations and services can continue. Throughout the year, we do several disaster recovery tests to ensure we are well-prepared.

Q: Has CACEIS already included possible changes as a result of the coronavirus developments such as a lockdown scenario in the Netherlands?

  • In the Netherlands, if a total lockdown is announced by the Cabinet, our business-critical Treasury and Payment activities may also have to be carried out from a home location. This scenario has been worked out and tested and the necessary IT infrastructure is available and operational if necessary.

Q: Have you drawn up scenarios if this situation is going to take a long time?

  • As is currently the case, we will communicate with clients by phone, email and Service Updates. As outlined above, our business continuity is guaranteed with all measures taken so we can continue working from home and from an emergency location.
  • We will continue to communicate proactively with all our clients about all relevant developments. Our UK-based relationship managers are always available for you if you have any additional questions.


Pat Sharman

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Managing Director - UK Branch
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