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Using cost transparency to deliver good governance when it matters most

In this podcast, Scott Foster, Product Specialist at CACEIS UK, talks about cost transparency for UK pension schemes.

14 Apr 2020

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  • We focus on the genesis behind cost transparency, which gains significant traction in the Dutch pensions market around the time of the last financial crisis in 2008.
  • With the exceptional market volatility seen so far in 2020, because of unprecedented circumstances around the coronavirus, the basic principles of Cost Transparency remain the same. Scott outlines why it’s even more important for UK pension schemes to have a good understanding on total cost of ownership in environments like this.
  • Scott discusses why understanding total cost of ownership is so important to achieving strong governance and providing trustees with data to help decision making.
  • Over the next twelve months, there will be growing engagement and awareness. Furthermore, DB pension scheme regulatory requirements will require the reporting of total costs, full transparency on transaction costs and value for money assessments.

You can access this 14 minute podcast here

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Scott Foster

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Scott Foster

Product Specialist, Cost Transparency & Benchmarking
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