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What we do

Our bespoke administrative service provision is the basis for value-added services that are primarily focused on transparent information on risks, benchmarking, costs and other key information on our client's investments.

Wholesale securities services
Our administration platform enables us to offer our clients services that are focused on providing accurate information about performance, risk, compliance, costs and other key information relating to our client's investments.

Client services
All of our clients use our Transaction Services. These comprise of the traditional custodian services such as safekeeping, events, clearing, settlement and execution. Most of our clients also use us for Asset Services, mostly around fund accounting, NAV calculation, valuation, reporting and monitoring. Clients also use our Treasury Services in combination with Transaction Servicing and/or Asset Service. Within our offering of Treasury activities we provide our clients with overlay services, balance sheet and liquidity management, currency trading and securities borrowing and lending.

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