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Global Fund Services

Global Fund Services platform is an integrated solution for the safekeeping of assets and execution of subscriptions and redemptions.

Global Fund Services (GFS) is an integrated service offering that consists of the safekeeping of units of pooled fund investments, as well as the execution of subscriptions and redemptions to and from investment funds on our own fund platform. Via our GFS platform, we act as a service provider to our clients by delivering the interface for all holdings, valuations and non-listed fund transactions.

We consider asset safety to be of the utmost importance and therefore keep all holdings in segregated nominee accounts in the client’s name to promote security of unit holdings and allow for easy ownership identification.

We can provide  a platform for the safekeeping of and transactions in all non-listed funds. Our GFS platform only utilises segregated nominee accounts in the client’s name at the designated transfer agent, promoting both asset safety and a single window from which all fund holdings can be viewed. This platform uses an online interface to give clients and their appointed consultants and investment managers the ability to subscribe to and withdraw from non-listed funds in a user friendly manner. GFS delivers an easy to use, one-stop solution, enabling the fund manager to focus their efforts on their core business.

Additionally, the GFS platform is able to create comprehensive holdings and valuation reports that can also be downloaded in specific formats to be uploaded into the client’s, their consultant’s or their manager’s systems. KAS BANK also has the ability to facilitate client-specific agreed rebates between the client and the fund.

GFS provides services on all different fund types in the market, such as:

  • Money Market Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate Funds

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