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As a professional custodian, the safekeeping and protection of our clients’ assets is our central focus.

The primary services captured under our Global Custody offering are:

- Safekeeping of Assets
- Clearing
- Settlement of Securities Transactions
- Processing of Corporate Actions
- Proxy Voting
- Class Actions
- Income Collection
- Tax
- Cash Payments

For these core services, our global custody network covers more than 90 markets worldwide. Our integrated online custody tool, KAS Web, provides clients with full insight into their custody holdings and its key features include: real-time information on your cash, securities and derivatives account; secure instruction capabilities for settlements, cash orders and corporate actions; versatile portfolio analysis through interactive browsers; and the ability to export data to link to your own administration tools if required.

As a specialist custodian, we focus on what we do best to ensure the smooth running of your investment governance.




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