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Fund Administration

Delivering a full range of tailored investment accounting, performance and risk information to empower your governance structure.

We offer pension scheme clients the ability to receive a full range of investment accounting, performance and risk information to empower their governance structure. 

These reports can be made available in highly client-specific formats or formats tailored towards the roles investment advisers or fiduciary managers have with their underlying clients. Our clients can view these services via our online Pension Monitor App.

The source of all information provided to clients for valuation, performance and risk is the independently administered investment accounting on all assets in the client’s entire portfolio. This administration is processed via the market-leading SimCorp Dimension platform and based on KAS BANK’s own audited pricing profile. This profile allows for an integrated and independent reporting service that is based on consistent data that is administered by KAS BANK in line with our pure-play approach.

Fund Accounting

Fund accounting services for pension schemes include:

- Administration and valuation of all assets held by the client both at KAS BANK, when acting as the custodian, and those held by third-parties
- Administration of securities buy and sell transactions as well as corporate actions at trade date
- Provision of Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation
- Insight into all relevant information* on property titles in one single report or through our interactive online Pension Monitor

Look-Through Reporting

Because of the necessity for look-through data on an array of services that we provide to our clients (Compliance Monitoring, FTK–Dutch: regulatory reporting, Solvency II, Currency Overlay), we have developed a full look-through infrastructure and a standardised data collection process to include this data in our data warehouse. As part of this process we work closely with a large number of asset managers that our clients use in order to obtain look-through data in a standardised and STP manner on pooled fund structures where clients have invested in and that are managed by this universe of asset managers.

Performance Measurement & Risk Reporting

Utilising the investment accounting data as a basis, this service provides neutral (asset manager independent and client-tailored) calculation of the returns in a specific portfolio or over the total portfolio. The returns are then compared with client-specific benchmarks that have been agreed upon with the pension schemes’ Asset Manager(s). Furthermore, this service also provides an attribution analysis that identifies the value added to the total portfolio by each segregated portfolio or mandate.

We are able to provide tailored ex-post risk reports that include, among other things: standard deviation, beta, alpha, annualised tracking error, Sharpe ratio, correlation ratio, downside semi-variance and Value-at-Risk (VAR).  

Compliance Monitoring & ESG Screening

Compliance monitoring uses the full extent of the investment accounting data to give you a daily assessment of your total portfolio or specific (segregated) portfolios based on the pension scheme’s investment guidelines and the IMA guidelines of asset managers/fund managers that look after specific investments.

By using a visual and very easy to understand “traffic light” model, this service is able to deliver an overall daily insight into the compliance of the pension scheme and/or the appointed manager with reference to the investment guidelines. Within the compliance framework, all types of risks, exposures and threshold levels can be monitored; such as asset class exposure, derivative exposure, interest rate risk and currency risk. 

With the powerful combination of the information from the investment accounting platform and the ESG information (produced by one of the most respected global ESG research companies in the investment space, Sustainalytics), we are able to offer a client-tailored ESG screening tool that can incorporate the ESG policy of a pension scheme (top level), as well as specific mandated ESG rules (as covered in an IMA). Screening options include (combinations of) exclusion lists, themed screening, UN PRI based screening, cluster ammunition screening and more.

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